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Nightclub, Family Style Dinning Pub/Tavern Program

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Night Club, Family Style Dinning, Pub / Tavern Program

Program Target Description: Nightclub, Lounges, Sports Bars, Comedy Cubs, Karaoke Bars, and Restaurant insurance. 

Program Target:

  • Target Risks: Nightclubs, lounges, sports bars, comedy clubs, karaoke bars, and restaurants 
  • Ineligible Risks: exotic clubs
  • Geographic: nationwide except Alaska, Vermont, West Virginia

Why work with our program administrator:

  • Competitive price with flexible forms
  • Assault & Battery & Liquor Liability provided
  • Any percent Liquor-to-Gross Sales Receipts
  • Quotes within 48 hrs. with complete submission

Coverages & Limits Available: 

  • Admitted or Non-Admitted:  Non-admitted
  • General Liability Limits up to $5m
  • Separate Liquor Law Liability limits up to $5m 
  • Assault & Battery limits from $100K & up to $5m

Submission Requirements:

  • Accord applications required
  • Supplemental Applications required
  • Five (5) year currently valued loss runs

Broker Requirements: 

  • Program administrator appointment application and Sub-broker Agreement, provided by program administrator. 
  • Licensed Agent / Broker with current E&O limits of $1m