The AIG Global Network: seamless world class service

Multinational insurance is a highly complex area requiring precise choreography across multiple touch-points such as coverage, claims and regulatory interests. With decades of multinational experience, know-how and leadership engrained in our dedicated multinational teams and experts across the globe, you can count on our support to provide world class service to your multinational clients.

In some countries we are represented by market leading partner insurers. Our clients’ risks are reinsured back to AIG and we’ve invested in technology and people to make sure that you and your clients receive a globally consistent and seamless service experience. The same processes, the same performance standards for policy issuance, contract certainty, regulatory compliance and claims – all rigorously tracked and enforced wherever in the world your multinational clients might be. 

Network Partners

Our largest global partner is Fairfax Financial Holdings (Fairfax), taking over AIG’s operations in: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela and Turkey. They’ll also take over our operating assets and employees in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.  

How will Fairfax deliver the same level of world class service as AIG?

How can we recommend Fairfax if our clients don’t know much about them?

Will we get the same commitment on policy issuance? 

We have existing strict service level agreements with strategic clients’ captives

How will this affect clients’ claims handling in these countries? 

How can we be comfortable that Fairfax is as financially secure as AIG?

You’ve always promoted the strength of your network, so how is a smaller one better?


Multinational is a strategic priority for AIG which means that making sure your multinational clients get world class service – today and tomorrow - is an absolute priority as well. Our investment in our Network Partner Practice ensures that your multinational clients receive consistent, measurable world class service delivery from policy inception and renewal to claims handling, resulting in contract certainty and increased client satisfaction. It also helps you lead a stronger partnership in multinational program design, with clearer timing and greater certainty of program execution as well as reducing rework and inefficiencies.