Multinational case studies

D&O multinational master policy response

Our multinational client’s French subsidiary was accused of unfair competition by a new business founded by its former director. It was alleged that our client hindered the new business and its ability to compete by spreading rumors, including poor quality products and embezzlement. Our client’s D&O policy in France excluded unfair competition (which is the local market practice), but our master policy was designed to ensure consistency of coverage across the multinational’s organization, covered the allegations and allowed our expert Financial Lines claims team to mount a full defense of the slander claim on behalf of our client. 

Post-disaster response

After heavy rain and flooding, large areas of our multinational client’s hotel were left covered in mud and silt containing raw sewage. Speed was essential and due to pre-loss claims planning, we were able to arrange the rapid deployment of a specialist damage management company, and our client’s hotel was completely cleaned, sanitized, restored and reopened before any other in the area. This allowed our client to minimize downtime and capitalize on the increased business following this catastrophic event.   

Our 7-day major loss promise

“In the event of a major Property Damage claim we will confirm coverage as quickly as possible and advance our policyholders up to 50% of an agreed loss estimate within 7 days for property damage, repairs, clean-up costs, and extra expense.”

A major fire at our multinational client’s industrial warehouse spread through multiple floors causing substantial fire and smoke damage to buildings and stock.  Our claims adjuster was on-site within 24 hours, established liability immediately and we were able make a £5m advance payment within 7 days that was greatly welcomed by the client and broker.

Japan Tsunami

The huge earthquake, tsunami and nuclear damage unleashed Japan’s biggest crisis since the war, killing thousands, wreaking widespread damage and destruction on homes and businesses. Our claims teams delivered tons of emergency supplies of food, water and gasoline to locations throughout the region by truck, courier and private jet. Geographic Information Systems helped allocate claims resources where it was needed most and claims staff in the field were equipped with iPads to make the claims process as fast as possible. 

Expert technical services - wherever they’re needed

One of our multinational clients claimed for damage to a promotional sports car in Bulgaria. Crash damage meant it was inoperable and marooned in Bulgaria. An expert inspection of the car was critical, but no experts were available locally. Shipping the car to Italy for inspection was not an option because of customs issues and tax implications, but the situation presented us with no difficulties; using our worldwide network we located the right specialist in Greece, who we flew to Bulgaria to inspect the vehicle.