Virtual realities

AIG has partnered with Clemson University, a renowned research and engineering institution, to develop a new risk engineering and analytics center. The goal is to enhance loss prevention training using virtual reality. New ways of experiencing risk virtually will bring client-specific exposures to the forefront in high resolution detail, opening the door to new, more effective loss prevention and risk management strategies.   


As a result of the training at Clemson, AIG will be able to simulate an array of hazardous scenarios for clients. These include modelling the impact of flammable liquids on a clients’ existing or proposed manufacturing plant, or virtually testing the operational impact of a faulty roof on a leisure complex.  Pioneering the next-generation of risk management tools means clients will benefit from better analysis, quantification and mitigation of a range of real-world exposures from a safe, virtual environment, presenting risk managers with unprecedented data driven options and strategies.