Cyber loss control

AIG gives you access to an outstanding range of cyber loss prevention services for your multinational clients. Some are complimentary such as IBM vulnerability scanning across a client’s network or shunning technology to repel attacks from known “bad” IP addresses. Other services are discounted, such as dark net mining from K2 Intelligence so clients can stay apprised of the latest “chatter” about their businesses on the dark web.  


Spiralling cyber risks are top of mind in the C-Suite of companies today and having world class security is paramount for reducing your clients’ associated cyber risks. AIG’s wide range of cyber loss prevention services can help you and your clients reinforce defenses against one of the most unpredictable cross-border threats facing global businesses today as well as providing cyber due diligence for companies contemplating acquisitions. Our services also provide reassurance to employees, customers, suppliers, regulators and investors that your clients’ sensitive data is strongly defended and supported by robust loss mitigation strategies.