myAIG multinational client portal

The myAIG Client Portal gives you and your multinational clients clear management information about their global program. Intuitive dashboards provide overviews of coverage, policy issuance and premium payment statuses, which can be drilled down to policy and country levels. The portal delivers instant access to policy wordings and invoices as well as customized regulatory and multinational reports. Clients can set up auto alerts to track developments in their program in specific countries.  

My AIG Portal


You and your clients have access to all the information needed to effectively manage a global insurance program directly on desktops or other devices. The portal provides rapid real-time views of the portfolio’s performance as well as the ability to drill down to granular detail that risk managers require. In combination with its reporting and briefing capabilities, the myAIG Client Portal helps satisfy the demand for greater analytics to inform client decision making.  With clients authority, we can also give you access, providing you a powerful and transparent management tool.