Internal knowledge-driven tools

A suite of knowledge-driven internal tools deliver the information and clarity you and your clients’ need facing exposures across geographies. Our award-winning MN Xpress enables our end-to-end process by standardizing and automating the workflow process for our clients’ programs. It is powered by MN Xplore, AIG’s knowledge hub of expert regulatory, finance, tax and product intelligence. Meanwhile MN Xchange streamlines the management of policy issuance, claims reporting and service level standards with our network partners

Multinational Xpress Video 


Informed decision making in a constantly changing global regulatory environment is challenging but essential for risk managers and captive owners. AIG’s investments in multinational servicing technology means greater control, clarity and certainty around the design, implementation and management of global programs. Our knowledge-driven tools focus on the underlying planning, communication, and adherence to key milestones and deliverables to inject transparency and simplicity into what can otherwise be a complex process.