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Travel Awareness

Helping to keep employees safe while they are on business travel.


The Travel Security Awareness Training is a series of online learning modules that provide employees information on how to prepare for business travel, travel safely, stay healthy, and avoid becoming a victim of crime while on their trip.

More Information

With U.S residents logging over 460 million business trips in 2012*, employers need to realize the potential risks that can come along with these trips to help safeguard their employees. The Travel Security Awareness Training provides the resources needed to help reduce the risk of potential threats faced by employees traveling on business.

Features include:

Easy-to-use web based training platform accessible any time

Reporting feature gives employers access to monthly reports verifying employees completed the training

Five learning modules provide key information to raise awareness of the potential hazards of travelling abroad 

Resources for employers to help ensure that their employees have been provided with tools and information that will help minimize the risks faced during business travel

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*Source: U.S. Travel Association Travel Answer Sheet 2013
AIG Benefit Solutions® is the marketing name for the domestic benefits division of American International Group, Inc. AIG Benefits Travel Assist services are provided by Travel Guard Group, Inc., an AIG company. These services are not insurance, and are not provided by AIG Benefit Solutions.