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Group Benefits Market Insights

Resources and expertise to help you serve your clients and grow your business.

Insights and Information

At Group Benefits, we serve as trusted partners to help you meet the benefits needs of your clients. Below are resources with insights and information about the benefits market, which you may share with your clients.

Helping Millennials to Choose Disability Insurance

By Michael Klachefsky, Director of Claims Liaison and Industry Relations

The employee benefits landscape continues to become increasingly complicated. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) may lead employers to reevaluate their employee benefit package, which in turn leads to the growing popularity of voluntary and association-sponsored benefits.

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Enrollment 2.0: Strategies for an On-Demand World

By Kelly Dills, Director, Marketing Enrollment Strategy

There's no doubt we live in an "on-demand" society. From the first microwaved potato to streaming television and movies through our mobile devices, how and when we access what we want has forever changed. This means it is critical for benefits providers to not only communicate benefits information in a way today's customer can understand, but to deliver that information in the way their audience wants to receive it.

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Supplemental Medical Plans and HSAs: A Perfect Match

By Todd Dzen, Director of Voluntary Benefits

The rising popularity of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) provides compelling new opportunities to sell supplemental medical insurance plans that pay cash benefits for covered events: the positive effect they can have on maintaining the cash value of HSAs.

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Avoid Catastrophic Expenses With Carve-Out Programs

By Russ Jehs, Senior Product Director, Organ Transplant Program

Can your client stand a hit of $450,000 or more to its self-funded plan? That’s the average cost of an organ transplant, according to industry data. Many self-funded plans have turned to inexpensive “carve-out programs” as a way of plugging potential gaps in their stop-loss coverage. In most cases, carve-out insurance programs address either high cost or unpredictable conditions, such as transplants, premature infant care, etc.

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Taking the Leap to Self-Funded Medical Insurance

By Jeff Gavlick, Vice President, Product Development & Management

As the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) continues to transform the medical insurance landscape, clients with fully insured medical plans have reason to re-evaluate the potential financial benefits and control that self-funded coverage can provide. But how should an employer know when to take the leap to self-funding?

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Get Moving at Work To Reduce the Risk of Disability

By Michael Klachefsky, Director of Claims Liaison and Industry Relations

There is a growing belief that sedentary jobs may be a detriment to health and fitness. In addition, we now know that many chronic diseases can actually cause disability, time away from work and, ultimately, job loss. As awareness of the dangers of the sedentary lifestyle grows, fitness, ergonomic, and medical professionals advocate a new approach.

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Life Insurance: Adapting to a Changing Workplace

By Erin Marino, Director, Group Life Product Management

For many Americans, the workplace remains the primary — and often sole — channel to access life insurance coverage. While employer-funded term life coverage is a great starting point to provide foundational protection for all employees with minimal impact to the bottom line, additional options are required to fully meet the needs of employees. Choice, value, and simplicity are keys to success.

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