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Captive Solutions

Many companies turn to captive solutions as a practical option between fully insured products and fully self-funded with and without insured stop-loss protection.


AIG has more than 50 years of experience forming captives. Explore ways to band together with other employers to help gain more control over cost and terms – with the potential for discounts and partial return of premium.

Control costs and reduce risk.

Group Benefits Captive Solutions From AIG

Coverage Details

AIG’s Group Benefits business will manage your stop-loss program and provide each participating employer with a stop- loss policy. We’ll also provide a layer of protection to the captive and assist in accessing the captive manager, whether it is our own or independent.


For some employers, the time is right to consider the advantages of a captive solution:

  •  Tailored plan design across multiple state jurisdictions
  • Hand-picked, unbundled, medical cost control vendors
  • Greater claim data transparency, reported on a monthly basis
  • Lower state premium taxes
  • The potential for improved cash flows
  • Tempered volatility through risk pooling and group purchasing
  • Sharing of underwriting results on pooled risks across multiple employers

AIG’s Group Benefits Captive Solutions Professionals Are Here to Help

Learn how a captive solution could enhance your strategies to control healthcare claims costs.