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Liability Risk Consulting

Risk management is important for all types of organizations, but it isn't one-size-fits-all. That's why AIG partners closely with clients to understand their businesses and tailor innovative solutions to their unique exposures. This client-centric approach enables our consultants to help manage and prevent risk efficiently and effectively.


Liability Risk Consulting combines decades of industry-specific expertise, data-driven insights, and the power of technology with best-in-class service to deliver the right solutions to protect your organization.



Your business, safe and sound.

Risk Consulting: What Are the Benefits?

Safety and Productivity

We’ll help you assess risk and pinpoint loss drivers with the greatest potential impact on your business and employees. Our consultants can go beyond traditional insurance audits and customize solutions to optimize your safety investment.

Industry Expertise with Global Reach

Risk Consulting comprises experts – Certified Safety Professionals, industrial hygienists, safety engineers, and more – all equipped with hands-on experience from the industries they serve. Together with a global network of specialized service providers, they put skilled resources to work for you.

Risk Consulting: What Can We Provide?

Business Safety

Identification of safety vulnerabilities and recall challenges unique to your industry, and assistance in the reduction and prevention of product and service incidents.

Product integrity at all stages – from concept through design, manufacturing, labeling, marketing, supply, distribution, and disposal.

Innovative, scalable tools like online product risk management training for global workforces.

 Worker Safety

Hazard assessments and exposure models to help pinpoint loss drivers and potential severity.

Best practice assessments and benchmarking to evaluate operational processes and measure performance against industry standards.

Technical resources enable inspection-oriented tasks such as OSHA audits, ergonomic task analysis, industrial hygiene testing, and perception surveys.

Driver Safety

A modern, more effective approach to road safety beyond standard DOT audit checklists and defensive driving demos.

Knowledge of the latest safe driving technologies to improve fleet efficiency and road safety, such as telematics and vehicle automation.

Technical resources provide key FMCSA and DOT information and reports on specific loss drivers.

Patient Safety

Safer care planning and implementation, data that can be applied directly at bedside, and focused benefit plan administrators for direct patient impact.

Virtual consultations for multilocation clients to review susceptibilities, challenges, and best practices.

eSolutions like resource sites, webinars on trending patient safety topics, and email access to consultants for safety-related issues and concerns.

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Risk Consulting: Low-Touch, No-Cost Solutions

RiskTool Advantage®

Complimentary web-based system that provides clients with on-demand access to training, best practices, and more, to help improve risk management while monitoring training compliance.

Learn More About RiskTool Advantage®

Safety Concierge

Connecting AIG clients with risk expertise quickly and effortlessly. With Safety Concierge, small-to-midsize businesses gain access to a vast network of experienced industry professionals via toll-free number or online for fast answers to pressing safety-related questions.

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Product Liability Service

A powerful online tool developed for companies involved in the design, manufacturing and distribution of products to steer through growing and increasingly complex liability challenges. 

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PIER (Pollution Incident & Environmental Response)

No cost, value-added program providing a team of AIG Risk Consultants to assist your business in an emergency.  

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AIG Risk Consulting Is Here to Help

Our risk experts partner with your organization to keep your business, workers, drivers, and patients safer.