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Natural Disaster Center

Agents, brokers, and customers can use the following numbers to report a claim:

AIG Private Client Group insureds may call 888-760-9195 to file claims.
All other AIG commercial and personal customers may call 877-399-6442 for assistance with their claims.

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Natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires, can be devastating for a property owner. Insuring against this exposure is essential. Equally important is advanced preparation and effective claim support to mitigate damages and facilitate recovery.

Accumulations of snow on building and structure roofs may result in structural and/or roof-covering damage, as well as resulting damage to contents. Damage may result from inadequate structural design; drifting snow in areas of differing roof elevations; excessive weight of rain following snow; or an unusually heavy, wet snow storm. Structural changes during renovations, additions and equipment installations have also been responsible for later damage.

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State-of-the-Art Technology Fueled by State-of-the-Market Expertise
Lexington claims utilizes advanced modeling tools and technologies which enable us to prepare and deploy independent adjuster resources with the utmost speed and effectiveness in the wake of a catastrophe. Our iClaims paperless processing technology ensures business and claim service continuity across multiple lines, even when our own operations are impacted by a weather event.
To report a claim please contact us:
Tel: 800-931-9546
Fax: 866-671-9288
For all Commercial Property claims:
Fax: 866-480-5394

For all Homeowner Property claims:
Fax: 866-480-5396

For all Workers' Compensation claims:
Phone: 800-931-9592

For all Commercial Auto claims:
Phone: 800-931-9592

For all Accident and Health claims:
Phone: 800-551-0824
Lexington Insurance Co.
100 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02110
Report a CAT claim online.
To follow up on an existing claim:
Tel: 877-873-9972

Click here for information that may serve as a checklist to help prepare your property for a Tropical Storm or Hurricane.

CAP enables AIG to more effectively manage hurricane-related losses by preparing and planning a response prior to hurricane landfall and even before losses are reported and better aligning independent adjusters to the severity of anticipated losses when resources are traditionally scarce. We utilize advanced modeling tools and technologies which enable us to prepare and deploy independent adjuster resources with the utmost speed and effectiveness in the wake of a catastrophe.

  • Merges AIG proprietary policy database with Risk Management Solutions’ (RMS) catastrophe modeling technology
  • Provides AIG with the potential scope and magnitude of a hurricane before making landfall
  • Provides the projected number of affected insured locations by state/county
  • Identifies the accounts with AND without a claim adjuster assignment
  • Provides maps and graphs visually representing the concentration of losses

The magnitude of loss associated with catastrophic events in the last ten years has changed the paradigm of how the insurance industry approaches issues of aggregation and risk assumption. Learn more from Lexington about the growing complexity of global catastrophic risk protection.
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Private Client Group’s Wildfire Protection Unit® is the first-ever personal wildfire protection program. Unlike the actions of a fire department, we aim to pre-empt damage before wildfires have even developed. 
Please note: the Wildfire Protection Unit is a complimentary service for  Private Client Group policyholders in select areas within the western U.S. 

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Storm preparedness is essential in hurricane-prone areas. Protecting your home after a major storm is equally crucial. Our Hurricane Protection Unit® addresses both concerns, with one-on-one consultations in advance of the season and on-the-ground response teams after landfall. 
Please note: the Hurricane Protection Unit is a complimentary service for Private Client Group policyholders in select areas of Florida, New York, New Jersey and South Carolina.  
Learn more about Hurricane Protection