Sharing expertise and support to do what’s right

AIG's Pro Bono Program leverages colleagues’ expertise and commitment to giving back by providing free legal and related services to those in need. Key pillars have included immigration, family law, education and mentorship, veterans’ benefits and transgender and non-binary individuals’ rights.

In 2020, criminal and social justice reform was added as a key pillar of the Pro Bono Program. We honor this commitment in part by partnering with leading experts and non-profit organizations, aligning our pro bono work and financial support with their efforts and using our platform to magnify the positive effects of their projects. 

For example, the Pro Bono Program established a partnership with the Be a Coffee Bean Foundation, founded by Damon West and his wife, Kendell Romero. AIG supports the Foundation’s work, which includes helping incarcerated Black men secure educational degrees and supporting their re-entry into the workplace.

The Pro Bono Program also supports the Wrongful Conviction podcast, hosted by Jason Flom, a founding board member of the renowned Innocence Project. With the help of expert attorneys and advocates, Jason shares stories of people who were convicted of crimes they maintain they did not commit. To help our communities listen to and learn from these experts and convicted individuals themselves – some exonerated and some still fighting for justice – we proudly sponsor episodes of the podcast, which educates listeners about the American criminal justice system. 

An overview of AIG’s 2021 giving



Granted to charities to strengthen communities around the world


Double-matching of colleagues’ charitable donations through the AIG Matching Grants Program


Funding provided for strategic grants aiding communities’ preparations for and response to times of uncertainty, and helping them thrive for generations to come


Contribution to the AIG Compassionate Colleagues Fund that confidentially provides grants to AIG colleagues experiencing hardship or losses due to unforeseen events


Support of colleagues’ access to artistic, cultural and educational institutions through the AIG Corporate Museum Membership Program