AIG Launches 2021 ESG Report

Our second annual update detailing AIG’s journey to deliver quality outcomes for all of our stakeholders.


We believe a commitment to sustainability helps future-proof communities by addressing societal and environmental factors, while enabling economic progress. Building on our expertise and capabilities in managing risks of many kinds, we can facilitate, design and drive innovative solutions to help clients and partners adapt to our changing world. Our four sustainability priorities align with our core business strategy and include community resilience, financial security, sustainable investing and sustainable operations. 

A Message from Our Executive Vice President, Global Head of Strategy & ESG

"We recognize there are risks, but also enormous rewards to being a catalyst for positive change."

- Constance Hunter

Climate change

AIG recognizes the impact of climate change on its business and global communities and is committed to playing a role in addressing these challenges. We also acknowledge that climate change is a complex issue and that the world cannot currently meet its energy needs through purely green technologies. 

AIG is well positioned to leverage its global risk and industry expertise to help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and navigate climate change risks and opportunities in its engagement with clients, policyholders and other stakeholders. As a global insurer, AIG is committed to protecting communities and individuals as they face this challenge.

Our philosophy

No two risks are the same. Each risk is unique and different industries and businesses have different risk appetites.  The role of insurance in risk mitigation and underwriting is an opportunity to apply our technical expertise to help manage today’s risks while supporting solutions to pressing societal problems. No two investments are the same. Each investment opportunity presents unique risks and rewards that we carefully analyze. We take these responsibilities very seriously.

Given the complexity of these issues, AIG does not publicly comment on underwriting decisions related to specific projects or specific investments. We are committed to promoting economic growth and sustainable solutions that benefit society today and for future generations.

Net Zero Commitments

AIG commits to net zero greenhouse emissions across its underwriting and investment portfolios by 2050

Sustainability at a Glance

Other ESG Reports and Policies

Sustainability Governance

Developing a robust governance framework and maintaining transparency with our stakeholders are important components of AIG's continued commitment to sustainability. To demonstrate our commitment, in 2019, we announced the appointment of our first Chief Sustainability Officer, to lead the development and implementation of a company-wide sustainability strategy, including our climate strategy.

To drive integration and advancement of sustainability and climate initiatives into all lines of business, cross-functional teams and working groups have been established. These consist of representatives from the Sustainability Office and every major business unit and functional area. Each working group is sponsored by a member of AIG’s Executive Leadership Team to cascade the tone at the top throughout the entire organization. The Sustainability Office is responsible for driving cooperation and alignment among these working groups. 

Sustainability Working Groups

Sustainability Integration Team

Drives sustainability initiatives within the various businesses and corporate functions, as well as influence and mobilize the execution of AIG’s sustainability strategy across the organization.

International Sustainability Working Group

Supports regions outside the U.S. to advance sustainability initiatives and address sustainability requirements.

Employee Sustainability Network

Provides an opportunity for employees to get involved in sustainability initiatives on a more local, grassroots level, while also helping advance AIG’s sustainability agenda.

ESG Investments Working Group

Aligns efforts across all investment functions by sharing education, research, and data, as well as creating working principles and assessing ESG factors.

Net-Zero Working Group

Aligns efforts across global operations to develop a net-zero emissions roadmap. 

ERM Sustainability Working Group

Aligns ERM and AIG’s sustainability efforts by identifying and assessing ESG risks within AIG’s enterprise risk management framework.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At AIG, we believe that diversity and inclusion are critical to our future and our mission – creating a foundation for an innovative workplace that leads to growth and profitability.


AIG recognizes that operating as a responsible corporate citizen is central to our success as a business.