A group of AIG volunteers assist with the construction of a home

This year, AIG Global Volunteer Week became AIG Global Volunteer Month. The result: Over 4,000 employees from 39 countries logged over 50,000 volunteer hours – increased by 196 percent from last year.

Some 240 projects ranged from environmental park and community clean ups, to Habitat for Humanity home builds, to working with children at local schools, to serving individuals with disabilities and illnesses, to serving the local homeless and disadvantaged.

After spending the day at Ronald McDonald House in Cleveland, Ohio, where employees served food to families living in the residence, Ellen Garlitz, Account Manager, said, “We all walked away from this event feeling like we truly made a difference in the lives of these struggling families. I am so glad that AIG employees spent our time here today.”

Group projects included:

- In Bangkok, Thailand, 250 employees volunteered and donated in-kind donations to the Mirror Foundation and The Rajavadee House for disabled girls. Said Sutheera Manowong, Claims Coordinator, “It is so good to complete this mission. Last year, we visited Rajavadee house and learned about their needs, such as diapers. This year, with great support from the company, we’re back with tons of donations, including diapers.”

- In Bogota, Colombia, 160 employees spent 26 hours building four emergency houses with Techo for families in need.

- In New York, New York, 100 employees decorated the employee cafeteria space, and gave out blue and white refreshments. Employees also passed out flyers and materials about World Autism Awareness Day to raise awareness for Autism Speaks. Said Isabel Valente, Director Client Services, Americas,“It was very rewarding to speak with colleagues who have children with Autism, and hear how thankful they were that we organized this awareness campaign.”

- In Bangaladore, India, 100 employees wore blue for World Autism Awareness Day and decorated their local offices to show their support.

- In Tokyo, Japan, 84 employees, along with business partners and insurance agents, participated in a tree planting ceremony to rebuild the forest walls at Fukushima, where a nuclear plant accident happened after the tsunami. Said Kouki Maeshima, Branch Manager, “I visited the tsunami devastated area for the first time and felt proud that our company is involved in this project.”

- In Beijing, China, 85 employees donated clothes to a local school in their community for women in need.

- In Boston, Massachusetts, 85 employees packaged 20,000 meals with Stop Hunger Now that topped off a shipping container with 285,000 meals headed to Malawi, a country in southeast Africa.Said Valerie DiPietro, Assistant Loss Control Manager & Volunteer Coordinator, “This is such a great event, volunteers are able to see the result of their work and know that hungry people will get fed that may not have otherwise. It’s a fun, upbeat way to make a difference.”

- In Mexico City, Mexico, 75 employees partnered with their local business partner Aarco to volunteer at the Oncology Hospital Juarez of Mexico.

- In Karachi, Pakistan, 72 employees cleaned up their local beach in Clifton.

- In Buenos Aires, Argentina, 70 employees volunteered at three local food banks in their community.

- In Nashville, Tennessee, 63 employees donated blood to the local American Red Cross. Said Libby Sneed, Account Representative for Licensing & Commissions, “I am grateful that our company allows us the opportunity to take time from our busy work life and give our donation.”

AIG also donated nearly $200K to support community projects, and employees fundraised almost $25K in support of the company’s global volunteer month. Said Melissa Aldrich, Senior Loss Control Engineer, who serves as a local volunteer firefighter in Houston, Texas, “By supporting the volunteer efforts of their employees, AIG shows a concern not only for employees but also for those in need.”