The banner hanging on the façade of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) the morning of October 16 showed the new AIG logo that was unveiled earlier this month. The video on the large screen told the story of how AIG has kept its promise to make America whole on the $182 billion it committed in connection with AIG, plus a $15 billion profit. And the 1,000-plus crowd of employees gathered on Wall Street wearing AIG hats represented the employees around the globe who have made it all happen.

That was just on the outside. Inside, AIG President and CEO Bob Benmosche and the Executive Group rang the opening bell at NYSE to celebrate AIG’s rebranding and the successes that have led up to it. “I’m a new employee just out of school,” said Jacob Tripp of AIG Commercial Casualty, “and I came out here today because, like AIG, I’m starting a new time in my life. It feels great to work for a company that has a great future ahead.”

“I thought it was really important to come out today to show support,” said Migdalia Caraballo, who canceled a doctor’s appointment to be able to attend the ceremony. “It was a very emotional day for me. Up until today, everything we’ve been through, all the progress we’ve made … it all seemed somewhat surreal. Today, everything was real. Yes, we did it.