Convenience is in the eye of the beholder – which is why AIG Travel is committed to “listening to our customers to determine what ‘convenience’ means to them,” says James Page, Chief Administrative Officer of AIG Travel.

In the case of AIG Travel’s new First Notice of Loss tool, convenience means being able to file claims online through a mobile device or personal computer. Since the tool was launched in February, 25 percent of U.S. leisure claims are being filed online.

In addition to dramatically reducing claims processing time – from 21 days to as little as three days – the tool enables U.S. clients and their travel agents to:

·         Obtain a claim number instantly.

·         Upload documents and photos via smart phones or other devices.

·         E-sign claim documents.

·         Check the status of a claim online anytime.

·         Communicate directly with a claims adjuster via the message center.

·         Receive timely text or email updates about claim status.

The First Notice of Loss tool is the result of collaboration by the Global Claims Automation, Global Claims Technology, and AIG Travel IT teams.

“When unanticipated travel events occur, customers look to AIG Travel to provide appropriate solutions quickly,” says James. “We’re committed to offering that assistance as fast as possible, including during the claims submission process.”

AIG Travel plans to expand the service to customers and their travel agents in other regions in 2017.

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