Driverless cars … crewless ships … and now automated claims handling. Industries from auto to marine, and even insurance, are increasingly using automation to improve operations. At AIG, the Global Claims Automation (GCA) team has utilized straight through processing (STP) technologies to accelerate the claims handling process of certain types of claims.  The result is that we are now able to get payments to clients more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Since the UK Personal Accident claims team went live in December 2015, nearly 50 percent of these claims are being handled through STP.  Our GCA team worked to eliminate as many manual steps as possible, and now these claims move through our OneClaim system with a higher degree of automation.  Here’s how it works:

·         Notify us about your claim

·         Provide us the necessary information for us to process your claim

·         Let us review to determine your benefits

“The future is here. Automation is about machine-man efforts to create a more efficient and accurate process. Ultimately, our actions are focused on creating a better experience for you, our customers.” – Kim Leggette, Chief Claims Officer, Personal Lines

Using a modular approach, our GCA team is working to automate claims processing for areas that handle large volumes of claims, wherever regulations and laws permit – for instance, UK Commercial Automobile claims and U.S. Travel claims.  Coupling STP with other capabilities, such as online claims reporting and management, brings AIG one step closer to delivering the claims service that our clients want and need.