AIG’s Employee Resources Groups (ERGs) are designed to support and encourage all AIG employees, while providing ideas to better connect employees to existing and future customers, suppliers and strategic partners through networking and cultural awareness.

During a recent visit to Houston, Texas, Americas President and CEO Rob Schimek met with one of AIG’s newest ERG – the Houston Chapter of the Veteran’s Leadership Network (VLN) ERG – to learn more about the group’s mission, objectives, and activities.

Rob spent time with the Chapter’s leadership team, which consists of seven AIG employees from the Houston campus who are former military service members working in various Commercial, Consumer, and Corporate roles. Since its inception on Veterans Day, November 11, 2014, the Houston VLN ERG has already grown to 104 members. In addition, a New York VLN ERG chapter formed in 2013 has grown to 125 members. The group’s mission is to drive employee collaboration, teamwork, and professional development across all business units and to assist the military population in a successful transition to civilian careers while fostering awareness of veteran’s initiatives and challenges worldwide.

The Houston VLN ERG is currently hosting a presentation series called the “Business Update Briefing” (BUB), developed to serve as a forum for exchanging ideas and best practices to increase employee knowledge of AIG products, services, and support structures.

"I’m grateful Rob found time to meet with us during his busy trip to Houston,” said Mitch Harless, the group’s business sponsor and United States Marine Corps veteran with 30 years of insurance industry experience. “My vet colleagues did an outstanding job briefing Rob on the group’s completed, ongoing and planned activities in support of One AIG.”

“With so many veterans continuing to return to civilian life following their service to our country, it’s important we do everything we can to support that transition,” said Rob. “The Veterans Leadership Network is a valuable resource that can help drive the continued professional development and growth of our veterans at AIG.”