President and CEO of AIG Indonesia, Jon-Paul Jones, discusses the Flood Risk Reduction Education (FRRE) program

Like all natural disasters, floods remain largely unpredictable. But through proper planning, awareness and preparedness, communities can greatly reduce personal injuries and property damage left in the wake of these destructive events.

In 2013, major flooding in Jakarta caused economic damage of US$1.5 billion. Even though the region is frequently hit by floods, many of the city’s 10 million inhabitants were caught off guard, unaware of flood mitigation measures that could have prevented casualties and lessened the huge economic toll.

As a result, AIG Indonesia introduced the Flood Risk Reduction Education (FRRE) program, working with schools and local communities to develop and implement practical risk mitigation.

“AIG is committed to sharing our knowledge to create a safer community,” said Jon-Paul Jones, President and CEO of AIG Indonesia. “Together with our partners and local communities, we are creating a safer society via our Giving Back to Communities program – and FRRE is certainly a big part of that overarching effort."

AIG is committed to providing information on flood preparedness and sharing knowledge it has gained from decades of experience preparing for, and responding to, natural catastrophes around the world.

As part of AIG’s commitment to flood preparedness and knowledge sharing, AIG Indonesia and Greeneration Indonesia, a social enterprise that works on solutions to pressing environmental issues, successfully launched an e-learning module on flood preparedness and risk reduction. The launch event in Jakarta was attended by representatives from several local and international NGOs, including World Wildlife Fund (WWF), KOPHI and Ciliwung Communities.

The e-learning module was developed for elementary school students, and uses video animation to present important flood-related concepts in a fun and user-friendly way. Both the module and the video are easily accessible on a variety of online platforms, including AIG Indonesia’s corporate website as well as its dedicated YouTube channel, and on Greeneration Indonesia’s digital platforms. Community representatives have agreed to promote the use of the module in more than 30 cities across Indonesia starting this month.

“The module represents the final phase of the FRRE program,” Jon-Paul explained. “I am delighted by the level of support the program has received from our local partners and communities - and by the excitement it has generated since we began introducing it to the public. We believe our joint efforts will help increase safety awareness and reduce the risk of flood-related injuries.”

To date, more than 1,000 people have participated in the e-learning module, and the video has been seen by more than 3,000 viewers. Click here for more information on FRRE.