Donating free advice and professional services, commonly known as pro bono, is a longstanding tradition, especially in the legal profession. ​​

AIG’s Global Legal Compliance Regulatory and Government Affairs (GLCR) employees have regularly embraced pro bono work by volunteering thousands of hours year-round to provide free legal counsel that helps senior citizens, students, veterans, victims of domestic violence and others. For example, GLCR members have assisted in helping many special needs children receive the educational services to which they are entitled.​​

​AIG employees from different departments also volunteered their talent and time recently by doing pro bono work for community organizations, such as the Communications Speed Consulting Project. For this project, AIG Communications employees advised 16 representatives of nine New York City nonprofits on their communications and marketing needs. The conversations centered on topics such as brand, marketing, digital strategy, social media, and messaging.

Employees from the Global Commercial Marketing Team participated in a marketing event led by “Start Small Think Big.” The non-profit organization helps low to moderate income entrepreneurs build businesses in underserved areas of New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area to stimulate economic activity in those communities. ​

AIG colleagues also helped men and women in the Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless tune up their existing job skills and gain additional skills, toward the ultimate goal of obtaining employment.  

AIG Human Resources employees met with high school students affiliated with the Harlem Educational Activities Fund (HEAF) program to participate in mock interviews, develop networking skills and otherwise learn how to impress potential employers. The HEAF program is designed to help eliminate barriers to college for underserved students.​​

Lisa Sanders, Director, AIG HR Programs Office, who organized the HEAF event, said, “In the middle of a busy day, it was refreshing to pause and take time to give back to the HEAF students as they begin their career journeys. The students were so engaged as we helped them apply the interview skills they have been learning in their program to a series of mock interviews.  It was incredible to watch their confidence improve and skills develop.”​​