Last month, AIG partnered with Greenlight for Girls (g4g) to inspire young women in Spain and Lithuania to embrace the 'STEM' subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Since 2015, AIG has worked closely with g4g and hosted events in London, collaborated in Brussels, and this year partnered again in Barcelona and Vilnius.

This year, 80 girls, aged 11 to 14, attended a day of science discovery with g4g and AIG in Lithuania's brand new National Centre of Physical and Technological Sciences (FTMC) in the Sunrise Valley, Vilnius. We showcased the importance of STEM with fun and interactive workshops, run by role-model professionals in different fields with a goal to inspire the future generation of women.

AIG also supported g4g in Barcelona. At the La Salle Campus Barcelona, over 70 volunteers from 12 companies (including AIG) collaborated to deliver an event for 175 girls. The event included 15 workshops, including one focused on our acclaimed Virtual Reality & AIG HAKA 360° innovation.

Melissa Rancourt, Founder and Chairman, g4g, explained, "The story of Greenlight for Girls began with one email asking if there was a need to encourage girls in STEM careers. The result brought us to today – over 2,000 role models volunteering their time to do exactly that – encourage and inspire girls around the world, and it is working."

To raise awareness of the work of g4g, AIG invited prominent officials in the Lithuanian government: Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen, Member of Parliament and European chess champion; Dr Svetlana Kauzonienė, Vice-Minister for Education and Science; and Dr Saulė Mačiukaitė-Žvinienė, President's Advisor for Education, Science and Culture, each of whom attended and delivered a short speech about their experiences during the welcome ceremony.

Kotryna Raščiūtė, a member of the Management Team at AIG Vilnius, said, "AIG is proud of its partnership with g4g and is absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to host this [type of event] in Vilnius as we've seen how powerfully these events can inspire students. As a large employer in Lithuania, we are committed to diversity and we hope to inspire more young women into STEM subjects."

AIG's presence in Vilnius is driven by our Shared Services Center, which employs over 270 professionals, 75 percent of whom are women.

Sarah Davies, Communications Executive, CSR & Public Affairs, AIG, who helped organize the Vilnius event, commented: "I have delivered a few workshops with g4g now and was impressed not only by the confidence and level of English spoken by the students in Barcelona and Vilnius but also by the support and enthusiasm of our volunteers. Making a positive impact in our local communities is one of AIG's citizenship priorities, and the Vilnius team in particular demonstrated this commitment fully by creating a truly memorable experience for the girls."

Melissa added, "Each new launch of Greenlight for Girls fills us with amazement - and this feeling is due to the wonderful girls, our future STEM leaders, we meet in each new corner of the world. A big thank you to the greenlight girls in Vilnius, the incredible AIG team, and our host, the beautiful new Center for Physical Sciences & Technology - you all inspire us! Without our g4g Global Partner, AIG with Sarah Davies and the General Manager of the Lithuania office, Przemek Siuda, and the awesome AIG Vilnius team, this would not have been possible - thank you everyone!"

The g4g 'signature days' in Barcelona and Vilnius included workshops that brought Science to life through: 

  • Virtual Reality & AIG HAKA 360°: Brainstorming virtual reality applications and their benefits, and then experiencing AIG's cutting-edge virtual reality with the All Blacks.
  • M&M Statistics with AIG & g4g: An opportunity to learn about risk assessment and why statistics are important, while making the entire process fun with chocolate.
  • In the light of chocolate & In the sounds of vibrations - Physical Science is fun: Exploring how to calculate the speed of light with chocolate and experiencing the physics of sound waves with hangers, string, wine glasses, and different mediums. 
  • Human DNA Necklace - Learn about the molecules of life - Extracting DNA and creating a pendant to wear as fun (and scientific) jewelry.
  • Science in everyday with daisies: A daisy represents, among other things, the Fibonacci sequence of numbers, making it one of the reasons why it forms part of the g4g logo – from mathematics and science in nature, it is also symbolic of possibilities, freshness, and youth. Watch the daisy transform with g4g's signature daisy experiment.
  • CERN Exhibition: Discover mysteries of the universe beginning with the Big Bang, learn about particle acceleration, and become acquainted with the superconductor collider. 
  • Laser Labs: An opportunity to experience the laser spectroscopy and optic semiconductor labs with scientists from the research center.

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