AIG Japan’s First Women’s Development Program Class Participants Celebrate Their Final Graduation

After an intensive one-year mentoring program, the first graduating class of AIG Japan’s Women’s Development Program (WDP) recently held their combined final presentations and graduation ceremony. The program, inaugurated in February 2015, is designed to mentor 30 women per year from the manager and section chief level as they grow into leaders and mentors themselves.

WDP consists of four key elements:

  • Interacting with senior executives – participants grow their professional network by meeting and becoming acquainted with senior executives.
  • A structured mentoring program – 30 senior level employees from within AIG are selected as mentors to the program participants. Each mentor meets his mentee monthly and offers career advice and pointers on management skills. In addition, the mentees themselves become mentors during the second half of the program as they are each assigned more junior female employees to mentor.
  • Leadership training – Talent Management holds a series of training sessions targeted at developing leadership skills, including visionary thinking, coaching, and presenting.
  • Learning from role models – 10 successful working women from outside AIG are invited as guest speakers to share stories about their career paths and the challenges they’ve overcome.

During the graduation ceremony, Bob Noddin, AIG Japan’s CEO, gave high praise to the program participants for their ability to balance the training program schedule and their regular daily duties. He also highlighted their transformation from mentees to mentors by saying: “One year ago, while listening to the guest speakers, some of you might have thought that they were part of a different world from you, but now, as one year passes, I hope that you will all become role models to lead the next generation."

With the second Women’s Development Program already underway, future program participants now have a great in-house resource of role models and mentors from the first year group for this flourishing Employee Resource Group (ERG) program.

Yuta Hasumi, helping participants to focus on the value they had added to their own lives, said “While I hope that, through this training program, participants aim to become leaders for the next generation at AIG, I also hope that participants will be able to build the kind of career they truly want for themselves.”