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Six students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) recently brought their energy, drive, and laughter to AIG Hong Kong as they received their 2015 AIG Chinese University of Hong Kong Scholarship Awards.

AIG Hong Kong’s Young Talent Employee Resource Group (ERG) runs the scholarship awards ceremony and selection process and, to be eligible, they look for high-performing, well-rounded students whose achievements identify them as standout, talented individuals. In addition, they look for character and potential with a focus on individuals who are likely to have both a big impact and positive impact on society in the future.

As part of the awards ceremony, this year’s six scholars – Jacky Lee, Eric Pang, Verma Rohit Kumar, Sumair Hussain, Terrence Wong, and Tsang Tsz Kwan – shared their experiences and talked about what the award means to them and how it will help them meet their future goals.

AIG Hong Kong staff who had contributed beyond their role as spot award winners, or by serving on ERGs, were in attendance, and drew inspiration from the diverse range of topics the students shared and from their infectious energy. The students talked about their experiences managing a start-up as a summer job, performing a TED talk, working a caseload at the Department of Justice, interning at AIG, and, on a philosophical note, how literature brings a deeper understanding of human nature.

This was a truly uplifting event and AIG Hong Kong is honored to play a part in encouraging this talented group of individuals as they become the influencers and decision makers of tomorrow.