This summer, a group of AIG colleagues participated in the annual Pride Parade in Copenhagen, Denmark, dressed in custom-designed AIG rainbow T-shirts to celebrate solidarity with the LGBT community.

In 1989, Denmark became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex partnerships and later same-sex marriages in church. Since then, other countries have followed suit, but Denmark and the Nordic geographies remain the global benchmark of valuing the LBGT community.

AIG has been actively driving a vision for diverse engagement within Nordic society, through external partnerships, such as the Women’s Board Awards, as well as promoting the company as a wholly inclusive culture.

Elisabeth Hellemose, AIG Acting Branch Manager, Denmark and Head of HR, Nordics, said, “We take great pride in AIG’s diversity... A diverse workforce [provides] more enriched solutions that can benefit our clients and business partners.”

Elisabeth added, “Copenhagen Pride was an important [place] for us to demonstrate that we are #InsuringWithPride. We also distributed our new Pro-Pride T-shirts to the Copenhagen Business School’s freshman tutor team, which we have been sponsoring for three years now.”

According to Elisabeth, over the course of the last five years, Copenhagen Pride has evolved from appealing to a niche audience to growing into a dynamic and powerful communication platform. She added, “A rapidly increasing number of local and international professionals want to be associated with Copenhagen Pride, which aligns well with our [diversity goals as a company].”

AIG Denmark Marketing Manager Henning Rasmussen said, “Many leaders in our industry  are supportive of Copenhagen Pride, which symbolizes a significant shift in the financial sector’s appreciation of diversity-focused events. In addition, a company that respects a diversified workforce can attract a vast range of top talent. Hence, supporting Pride makes 2+2=5.”