Ryan Metzger, Business Continuity Lead, described what it meant to him for AIG to participate in New York City's Pride March for the first time, "As a gay man…walking down the street with an AIG t-shirt on my chest knowing my company supported me 100% was gratifying, rewarding and validating."

The 100 marchers included members of AIG's New York LGBT & Allies Employee Resource Group (ERG), as well as their family and friends. On the course from Fifth Avenue and 40th Street to the West Village, they passed the birthplace of the LGBT movement, the Stonewall Inn.

AIG ERGs across the globe, from Houston to Manila to Tokyo, took part in Pride marches this year. Vinicius Mercado, Financial Lines Underwriter and LGBT & Allies ERG leader in Brazil, said "Our participation in the Pride March in Sao Paolo was yet another AIG initiative during LGBT Pride Month, and I felt very proud seeing my colleagues stand for diversity. More broadly, it [is great] to see [so] many companies join forces to march against prejudice."

Below are global Pride events that AIG employees took part in to support the LGBT community:

Hong Kong

The PIE (Pride in Equality) LGBT & Allies ERG, which launched in April, held an event called  "Equality for LGBT Rights in Hong Kong." The session featured an international human rights expert sharing insights and progress related to global LGBT rights. 

Houston, Texas

For the second time, the LGBT & Allies ERG participated in the Houston Pride Parade, which brings together over 750,000 attendees each year. Over 100 AIG employees and their family and friends participated in the event this year.

Manila, Philippines

The Philippines LGBT & Allies ERG participated again in the annual Metro Manila Pride March and Festival, which included over 7,000 supporters and is regarded as the longest running Pride march in Southeast Asia. Approximately 80 AIG employees joined participants from other financial services companies in this year's march.

Nashville, Tennessee

The Nashville LGBT & Allies ERG celebrated Pride Month with three events: Allies Appreciation Day, where members received a rainbow ribbon pin to show their support; the ERG-sponsored Nashville Pride Festival; and a gathering at a nearby eatery to honor the 48th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

New York, New York

In addition to participating in the city's Pride March, the New York LGBT & Allies ERG distributed rainbow flag pins to employees to spread awareness; held the third annual Taste of Pride event featuring rainbow-themed food; and volunteered at the LGBT Center of New York City's Annual Garden Party.

São Paulo, Brazil

The LGBT & Allies ERG participated in the São Paulo Pride March, which is considered one of the largest in the world. The group also co-hosted a Diversity Forum with the Brazil Women & Allies ERGs on the topic of violence against women and the LGBT community.

Tokyo, Japan

The LGBT & Allies ERG participated in the Tokyo Rainbow Parade, as part of Japan's Pride month. AIG hosted a Pride booth to share the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, which had over 1,000 visitors.

West Region – U.S.

The Pride West ERG hosted a series called "My City, My Pride" in each of the region's offices. Employees wrote personal messages expressing their pride on rainbow-colored hearts, which were then proudly displayed in each office.