AIG is driving to improve road safety by partnering with clients to help more people become “smooth” drivers. In a pilot project with a client, AIG is analyzing data from sensors embedded in a fleet of rental cars to provide renters with a Smooth Driving score. Preliminary results showed that drivers who use smooth movements – rather than abruptly braking, accelerating, or speeding – are less likely to have accidents.

Road crashes continue to be a leading cause of death globally. AIG hopes to curb that by raising awareness, and using analytics and insights to help make people safer on the roads. One way AIG is doing its part is through Together for Safer Roads, a coalition of private sector companies from across the globe that AIG helped found and co-chairs. The coalition includes leading companies such as AB InBev, AIG, AT&T, Republic Services, Abertis, Ericsson, Facebook, GM, IBM, iHeartMedia, Octo Telematics, PepsiCo, Ryder, UPS and Walmart.

AIG published a report in partnership with Together for Safer Roads. “Advancing Road Safety Best Practices for Companies and their Fleets” offers guidelines on how companies can best develop and manage their transportation programs. You can learn more about AIG’s road safety initiatives here.