Douglas A. Dachille

Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer

Doug Dachille serves as AIG's Chief Investment Officer, with responsibility for overseeing the investment portfolios of AIG’s insurance companies. In addition to managing the portfolios of AIG’s affiliates, Doug is responsible for overseeing the investments of third-party clients managed by First Principles Capital Management, LLC, an AIG subsidiary.

An investment veteran with nearly 30 years of experience, Doug joined AIG in 2015 when AIG acquired First Principles Capital Management, LLC, an institutional fixed income asset manager which Doug co-founded and served as Chief Executive Officer. 

Doug previously served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Zurich Capital Markets, an integrated alternative investment asset management and structured product subsidiary of Zurich Financial Services. He began his investment career at JPMorgan Chase & Company, where he served as Global Head of Proprietary Trading as well as co-Treasurer.. 

Doug earned his Bachelor of Science degree in a special joint program through Union University and Albany Medical College, and later was a Pew Scholar in Medicine, Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Chicago.