This year, the Life Insurance and Market Research Association (LIMRA) recognized AIG’s Michelle Tortorella, Group Retirement; Kirsten Lees, Life, Health and Disability; and Rachel Reddy,  Consumer Insurance. Separately, these LIMRA ‘Rising Stars’ are role models in their respective areas of expertise. Collectively, they tell a bigger story about the talent that can lead clients and the insurance industry into the future.  

LIMRA is a global research, learning, and development organization that serves as a source of industry knowledge for over 850 financial services companies. As part of its 100th anniversary celebration this year, LIMRA chose from among its member companies 100 young professionals representing the next generation of leaders who can help navigate the retirement solutions industry through a time of significant disruption.

LIMRA selected AIG’s Michelle Tortorella, Communications Consultant for Group Retirement, as one of 25 Rising Stars of Retirement Under 40. Michelle’s insights enable AIG to develop marketing and education campaigns that can help prepare clients for retirement. She often represents VALIC, a division of AIG that provides group retirement solutions, at critical client meetings.

Karen Betts, AIG’s Vice President, Institutional Marketing, Group Retirement, who nominated Michelle, commented, “She has unrivaled passion for what she does every day for the company. Michelle brings her ‘A game’ to work from the minute she walks in the door. Her marketing acumen and keen insights into plan participants are just two of many reasons why she is a rising star.”

LIMRA chose AIG’s Kirsten Lees, Vice President of Channel Marketing for Life, Health, and Disability, as one of 25 Rising Stars of Marketing and Communications Under 40. Kirsten’s manager, Michelle Miller, U.S. Head of Life, Health and Disability, and Teresa Troyano, Communications Specialist, (both of whom nominated Kirsten), describe her as an innovative marketer who helps to enable successful engagements with clients.

Michelle and Teresa wrote, “By educating producers, brokers, and agency leaders about the customer experience—and by providing meaningful and useful tools, including email, social media, and general presentations—Kristen…employs thoughtful strategies that are game changing in generating…awareness…and increased loyalty and advocacy.”

LIMRA picked Rachel Reddy, Head of Segment Management in AIG’s Consumer Insurance Customer Office, as one of 25 Rising Stars of Innovation Under 40. Rachel was nominated by Rob Scheinerman, President, AIG Individual Retirement, and by Jeff Oberstein, Chief Customer Officer, AIG Consumer Insurance.

Jeff commented on Rachel’s creativity, “Her eclectic background as a strategy consultant, actor, and screenwriter helps her develop innovative solutions.

Rob remarked that Rachel’s use of “statistical and machine learning techniques” enable her to solve difficult problems and help give AIG insights into “harder-to-model guaranteed income products.”

Kevin Hogan, CEO of AIG Consumer, commented that the talents of AIG’s young leaders reflect the company’s commitment to client-centricity and innovation. “I’m very proud of the contributions made by all three of these talented professionals,” Kevin said. “The most direct way for us to achieve our aspiration to become our clients’ most valued insurer is by staying close to our customers; understanding who they are; and developing ways to serve them in the ways they want to be served. These three people are representative of the many ways we are innovating to become more customer-centric and are differentiating ourselves from our competitors.”