AIG Vietnam has won a prestigious American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Recognition Award from AmCham Vietnam. The award is given to companies that demonstrate a commitment to transparency, good governance, and sustainable business practices and also provide a model for others to follow in Vietnam.

AIG Vietnam’s “Helmets for Kids” program is being recognized by AmCham Vietnam as a program that truly makes a difference in the lives and safety of children in Vietnam. With the World Health Organization (WHO) estimating that road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for those aged 15-29 years in Vietnam, AIG Vietnam has been instrumental in getting the road safety message out and in getting helmets onto children’s heads.

As one of the original investors in the PROTEC factory that produces the helmets, where 30 percent of factory employees are persons with disabilities, AIG has taken a leading road safety role in the community. In addition, a longstanding partnership with the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation (AIP Foundation), which provides helmets, road safety training, and education material to school children, their parents, and teachers, helped drive AIP’s goal of collaboration to effect sustainable change in the field of road safety.

In order to be eligible for a Vietnam AmCham CSR Recognition Award, a company must demonstrate:

- Attention to both business objectives and societal needs
- Provision of benefit(s) to identified stakeholder(s)
- Creation of long-term economic and social gains
- Measurability of results including impact assessment, KPIs and ROIs
- Engagement of stakeholders
- Communication and sharing of best practices
- Incorporation of sustainability in the CSR program

Said Susan E. Loftus, CEO & GM AIG Vietnam, “Receiving the CSR award from the American Chamber of Commerce Hanoi is an important recognition of the work AIG Vietnam has been doing on road safety and helping to make the world a safer place. It validates that AIG is an effective partner in areas that are important to our customers and communities, and where AIG has the expertise and resources to make a difference.”