For the third consecutive year, AIG Russia was awarded the ' Employer Attractiveness' rating, presented to companies that focus on strengthening their competitive advantage by providing a high-standard working environment for employees. is the highest rating that can be awarded to a company in Russia, indicating that the company provides a highly competitive working environment for employees with strong professional and personal learning and development, good remuneration and benefits, and a balanced focus on social activities that contribute towards enhanced productivity and quality of life.

Olga Strelnikova, Vice President, HR Russia, CIS countries & Georgia, explained, "This recognition is evidence of AIG's commitment to effective human resources management, and to the company's belief that high employee engagement and satisfaction leads to better service for our customers and partners, and greater productivity for the business." 

A strong emphasis on learning and professional development

When assessing AIG in Russia, Expert RA noted that AIG pays "great attention to the process of education and training of employees," with 70 percent of all training and development activities designed in-house, and an increase of 50 percent in training and development. 

Additionally, training and development activities are accessed by the vast majority of AIG Russia employees (98 percent between December 2014 and August 2015, compared to 95 percent in the same period last year). 

The Russia team uses a varied curriculum and an interactive format to address employee needs in this area, including individual and group sessions, seminars, lectures, round tables, traditional classroom education & training, online modules and simulations, clubs, master classes, and workshops. 

Effective management through change

Expert RA particularly commended AIG for managing employees effectively through a time of immense change during 2015 by implementing a range of employee-focused initiatives such as:

·         2015 Extra Mile Engagement & Reward Program for employees;

·         Developing a culture of philanthropy;

·         Increasing by two-and-a-half times the critical illness coverage offered to employees;

·         Actively encouraging Diversity & Inclusion programs;

·         Supporting active lifestyles to promote physical and mental well-being and encouraging work-life balance; and

·         Increasing employee pride in the company by celebrating the 20th anniversary of AIG in Russia.

The award was greatly influenced by AIG's transparent system of remuneration and benefits, along with the company's well-defined criteria for employees' career progression, opportunity for flexible working, support of health and fitness activities, and provision of insurance protection for all employees. 

Roman Tikhonenko, General Manager, AIG Russia, said, "This is important recognition for all our staff, clients, brokers, and partners: AIG Russia's team maintains its strong traditions and commitment to very high performance standards in all we do and especially during times of change. I would also like to say a special thanks to those who worked closely with the Expert RA team on this initiative."