This year, AIG received the Bronze award for “Onboarding Program of the Year” from the Learning and Performance Institute, which is dedicated to raising the profile of workplace learning across the globe. The award recognizes companies’ onboarding programs for innovation, business impact, cost effectiveness, and other criteria.

Last year, AIG redesigned its onboarding program for recent college graduates, with a focus on helping new hires be successful from day one.

Says Michelle Tucker, Head of Analyst Training, “We welcome new graduates, and help them navigate through the tactical and emotional aspects of their transition to new job AIG – all while reinforcing their place in, and value to, the AIG community.” 

Among other enhancements, the new program:

·         Educates and engages new employees about AIG’s various lines of business on day one.

·         Uses immersive simulations to present topics on soft skills such as Interpersonal Communication Skills and Client Service Fundamentals.

·         Fosters a positive environment through community-focused learning, integrated philanthropic activities, and strong alumni support.

Said one new hire, who went through the onboarding program in 2015, “Coming fresh out of college, my mind was eager to apply new models, experiment with new ideas, and solve wide-reaching problems. The initial training program helped ignite a spark within me to pursue positive change for our company’s future….I’m already discussing the potential for new, out-of-the-box underwriting ideas with my manager. I have a list of ideas to delve into. My job is more than a job, it’s a transformational opportunity for both me and my company.”

Said another, “I can't stop bragging about how much the organization invests in really preparing new hires as well as possible. I have no insurance background and I can't tell you how much I've learned in the last two and a half weeks."

Concludes Erica Stauffer, Head of University Relations, “We will continue to invest, grow, and evolve from our experiences, building on the foundation we’ve established for success in the future.”