“It’s not your job to know that. It’s ours” is the theme of an award-winning video series from AIG Private Client Group designed to support brokers in their outreach to current and prospective clients. The videos feature AIG Private Client Group employees speaking firsthand about minimizing risks caused by common yet avoidable scenarios. One video – posing the question, “Is there a smarter way to build your home?” – aired during the AIG-sponsored Rugby Weekend in Chicago in November on NBC Sports as part of AIG’s presenting sponsorship package.

Three videos in the loss prevention series were awarded “Best in Show” this summer by the Insurance Marketing & Communications Association in the Audio/Visual category.

“Our strongest advantage is the expertise of our people,” says Stephen Poux, Senior Vice President, Risk Management and Loss Prevention, AIG Private Client Group. “The video series enables our distribution partners to convey this differentiator more effectively than any brochure ever could. We carefully selected topics that pose real challenges to our clients, but presented them in a way that feels informative and approachable.”

Says Andrea Stein, Vice President of Marketing Communications for AIG Private Client Group, “The loss prevention video series is a way to empower brokers to shift the sales conversation. Many of our prospective customers come to us from mainstream insurance carriers, where buying habits often align with the cheapest premium. Our message is that it’s more important to consider the quality and breadth of their overall protection, which go beyond policy contracts and emphasize expertise.”


The winning videos:

·         Water Damage Prevention for Private Client Customers

·         Smart Build: Risk Management for Custom Homes

·         Proactive Protection for Collectors


Three new videos:

·         Setting New Expectations for Private Client Claims

·         Personal Risk Management: The AIG Difference

·         A Custom Approach to Protecting Unique Homes