In recognition of our innovative use of technology to help improve drivers’ safety, AIG has received a CIO 100 Award for 2016. Presented by CIO Magazine and, leading sources of news and insights for information technology executives, the annual CIO 100 Awards honors companies who have created cutting-edge technological solutions that enhance business value.

AIG’s award-winning initiative, the Smooth Driving Index (SDI), uses vehicle telematics to help increase drivers’ safety on the road. Vehicle telematics, or the technology of sensing and communicating vehicle data, can give drivers feedback on their driving behavior and habits. The SDI uses telematics data to provide each driver with a daily safe driving dashboard that includes an overall safe driving score, the number of miles the driver has driven smoothly, and how many hard stops the driver has made. Understanding their behavior on the road and comparing their scores from day to day helps drivers make adjustments to avoid risk factors such as harsh acceleration and hard breaking.

To further incentivize safer driving, drivers can opt to receive prizes for high smooth driving scores. AIG’s innovative combination of telematics and gamification to improve road safety can help drivers avoid accidents while lowering their insurance premiums.

Conducted in partnership with our client Europcar, the pilot of the SDI achieved strong results: the study significantly reduced the number of car accidents and claims for our client. The safe driving contest was also immensely popular with drivers: more than 99 percent of drivers opted in.

“I want to thank Rob Schimek and his Commercial team for their incredible partnership and, frankly, terrific vision to see the possible,” said Phil Fasano, AIG’s Chief Information Officer. “The pilot was so successful that Europcar is restarting the contest….What a nice recognition for all the hard work of our teams!”

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