The Association for Resilience Japan has honored AIU, a member company of AIG Japan, with the Most Outstanding Resilience Award in the National Conservation, Transportation, and Logistics Category.

AIU earned the Award for building a network of disaster preparedness and mitigation in Japan’s Kochi Prefecture.

AIU accepted the Award in Nangoku City in Kochi. In cooperation with the Morino Project, AIU held a tree-planting ceremony at the City’s elementary and nursery school to help protect children from tsunamis, which are expected strike Nangoku in the future.

AIU has supported the Morino Project since 2014. The initiative plants ancient trees in coastal areas affected by the Great Eastern Earthquake of 2011 to help reduce the energy of future tsunamis and prevent objects from being swept away in floods.

In addition to these initiatives for community resilience, AIU advises small and mid-sized companies on business continuity plans and supports the disaster preparedness and mitigation activities of Kochi’s schools.