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Video Insights

AIG is a partner that delivers value beyond insurance.  As a global leader in insurance, it is our job to make sure we are looking ahead, continually listening, and investing to provide the tools and resources you need to better manage your risk profile. 

Did you know that AIG has more than 95 years insuring some of the world’s most complex risks?   

Did you know that AIG is using robotics and automation to assess claims immediately and expedite payment for straight-through claims processing?

Did you know AIG introduced the first network security and privacy coverage for cyber risks in the late 1990s?

Did you know AIG paid over $26 billions in claims last year?

Did you know that AIG is dedicated to driving innovation through our employees? We've hosted 11 Innovations Boot Camps since 2013.

Did you know that AIG’s global network and multinational expertise spans over 200 countries and jurisdictions?