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Helping clients stay ahead of risk and serving as their partner in times of need is WHY AIG is here. This site brings together useful topics and tools that help brokers and clients make smart insurance buying decisions.  

Strength and Capability

No matter your challenge, AIG’s proven strength and market-leading capacity has the right resources to protect you. You can be stronger with our financial strength, significant investments in technology and engineering.

Learn how we are protecting our property customers

WHY AIG Infographic

Watch a video and learn how AIG is different and WHY AIG is committed to becoming your most valued insurer.

Creative, Tailored Customer Experience

OPTIONS CRAFTED TO DELIVER REAL IMPACT: Insurance is personal which is WHY AIG invests the time to learn about you and your organization’s unique needs, and then designs a program that you can call your own.

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Reliable and Responsive Claims

EXPERTISE AT THE MOST CRUCIAL TIMES: We understand how urgent and critical your claims can be. AIG’s 10,000 industry-leading claims professionals are solely focused on ensuring you’re completely taken care of when you need us most. 

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What's New

Check out the latest news items, industry insights, tools and products.

Did You Know? CrisiSolution


Did you know in today's world it's critical for organizations to provide solutions for employees that may face dangers overseas? AIG responds with risk management solutions for clients at every level. Watch this video to learn more>

Did You Know? Industry Approach

Did you know at AIG, we work with our clients to view risk through the lens of their industry? Watch this video of Wojciech Ilowski to learn more>

AIG WorldRisk® Foreign Commercial Package:

Whether venturing overseas for the first time or managing established foreign operations, multinational organizations are vulnerable to a wide variety of risks typically not insured under a domestic insurance program. AIG’s WorldRisk® package policy provides organizations with a coordinated and agile casualty insurance program specifically designed to meet their needs.

WorldRisk® Journey Map help aid brokers to identify their clients’ multinational growth position and corresponding coverage needs.

WorldRisk® Coverage/Risk Appetite provides an overview of the coverages that can be combined into a WorldRisk® Foreign Commercial Package.

CrisisResponse® provides additional information on how clients can benefit from AIG’s CrisisResponse coverage to maintain a positive brand reputation in the event of a man-made crisis event.

AIG Travel’s Assistance Services offer clients 24/7 access to medical and travel assistance services of AIG Travel if faced with a medical emergency, security issue, or unexpected travel problem.

AIG Innovation in IoT: The Data Sharing Economy
Quantifying Tradeoffs that Power New Business Models

AIG unveiled the findings of an AIG-commissioned survey on IoT – the first global survey on the data sharing economy –  at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

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Political Risk Insurance

AIG's political risk insurance helps investors, financial institutions, and corporate clients protect overseas investments against unpredictable losses from a wide range of political perils. Whether it is a foreign government’s action or inaction, a political uprising or currency inconvertibility, if it threatens a client’s overseas property, income or assets, we can address it.

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What's Inside Trade Credit

Trade Credit Insurance helps protect against accounts receivable losses. With more than 35 years of experience underwriting Trade Credit Insurance, AIG offers local underwriting expertise and policy servicing capabilities virtually anywhere your business operates.

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Trade Credit Insurance
North America Playbook

Did you know all enterprises that sell goods and services are exposed to, and must account for, the risk that their customers fail to pay them? Learn more >

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With the free WHY AIG app, you’ll get easy, mobile access to the insights you need, including helpful contacts, product information, and value-added services and tools from AIG. We invite U.S.-based brokers and clients to visit the Apple Store or Google Play to download the new app today, share with colleagues, and discover insurance ‘on the go.’

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