Loss Control

At AIG, we help our clients to reduce the likelihood of incidents and subsequent losses with a range of services, tools and programs provided by our Loss Prevention group.  

Liability Management

Today, more than ever, businesses face increased financial losses and damage to reputation following an adverse event. Our Casualty Risk Consultants can help businesses assess and manage liabilities across a broad range of industry sectors.


There are times when property damage cannot be avoided – natural disasters, water damage, explosions, etc… That acknowledged, our Property Engineers can assess your site and help put safeguards in place to reduce exposures and help keep your business operating.

Product Protection

Product safety standards, consumer expectations, import/export restrictions and requirements place demands on producers to meet rising standards and to reduce associated liability. Our Casualty Risk Consultants can help companies construct strategies to protect their business.

Business Continuity

Research indicates that 80% of businesses that suffer a major incident will never fully recover their pre-loss trading position and some of these will cease operating entirely. Our Property Engineers can review key exposures to your operations and work with you to design methods to reduce your risk.

Employee Safety

The safety and well being of employees is paramount to the ongoing success of any business. Services from our Casualty Risk Consultants are tailored to help companies achieve their loss prevention goals while fitting the culture of the company.

Property - Energy

AIG is a leading underwriter of onshore property risks for energy and related businesses, including oil and petrochemical, power generation and utilities, chemicals, mining and process industries.

Fleet Manager

The AIG Fleet Manager Service provides innovative resource, expert service and training programs that incorporates leading edge thinking, research and development in driver and motor vehicle risk control.


Our comprehensive marine loss control engineering services are designed to measure, identify and prioritize customer requirements and provide efficient integrated solutions toward reducing risk.

PIER (Pollution Incident and Environmental Response) Program

The Pollution Incident and Environmental Response Program provides insureds with 24/7 access to spill response contractors and environmental consulting firms.