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Claims for the United States

Paramount to the insurance purchasing decision is our commitment to deliver prompt, skillful and knowledgeable claims service that meets our clients’ unique needs–whenever and wherever a loss occurs.   Exceptional claims service doesn’t happen by accident. It takes years of experience and organization-wide dedication to build a customer-focused global claim network, committed to service excellence and continual improvement to better serve customers.  At Chartis, our experienced global claims team is comprised of nearly 9,000 claims professionals in 320 offices worldwide, allowing claims to be managed by drawing on local, first-hand knowledge of risks, forms, business practices, legal and regulatory issues.  Chartis insurance companies handled nearly four million claims in 2010 and offer dedicated resources to ensure consistency of claims handling, effective account stewardship and winning claims strategies. Finally, the financial capacity of our insurers offers customers the security of long-term stability. We will be here to pay claims tomorrow and years from now.

Claims for Insured Individuals and Families
Claims for Insured Businesses
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