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Our Aviation group is listing its salvaged aircraft available for sale. This website contains a description of the aircraft salvage which is based on our knowledge of the salvage at the time the bid is completed and placed on this website. Our employees or employees of any subsidiary member company, and any relative of such employees, are excluded from participating in salvage aircraft bidding. By submitting your bid via our website you are certifying that you are not an employee or related to an employee or any of our subsidiaries.

Sale of the listed aircraft is "AS IS/WHERE IS." We make no expressed or implied warranties for the condition, fitness for purpose, value, airworthiness or operation of performance of any kind whatsoever, whether in contract or tort in respect to the sale of any aircraft salvage. The buyer acknowledges that they have had the opportunity to inspect and evaluate the aircraft and its records before submitting their bid.

We must receive payments in form of a cashiers check or wire transfer within ten (10) days after the date the high bidder is notified. If payment is not received within the aforementioned ten (10) days, the bid will be rejected and the bidder will not be allowed to bid on any future salvage offerings for 1 year.

AIG reserves the right to reject any and all bids. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!!

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