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Wearable technologies 

Safe employee practices and work environments help clients reduce injury and downtime, and drive business continuity. AIG has invested in a new start-up called Human Condition Safety, an early stage company that specializes in wearable technology by combining advanced fused sensors, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Wearable technology can detect if someone is bending or lifting incorrectly, it can detect the moment someone loses their balance, trips, falls, carries too much weight as well as physically identifying and locating employees. 


Wearable technology is going to help transform work environments around the world. Partnering with AIG, your clients have access to wearables to see exactly where employees are and monitor aggregations of employees in dangerous areas, for instance If an injured employee is detected, sensors alert medical responders quickly and guide them to the exact spot. There are multiple benefits. Not only will clients be able to keep their employees safer, they will have access to unprecedented information about workers and new data driven insights to help their businesses predict risk, reduce risk and improve operational efficiencies.