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Application Process

  • Step 1 – Submit your online application
  • In order to be considered for one of our Summer Internship or Full-Time Programs, an online application is required.  Be sure to submit an application online by selecting our ‘Apply Now’ feature.  If you are a student who attends a campus we will be visiting during the recruitment process, you must also submit an application to AIG campus postings via your University Career Center’s On-Campus Recruiting Portal.  Check with your Career Center for listings. 

    In many cases, your resume and application serve as the first impression you provide to AIG.  Be sure to think about your skills and experiences that make you stand out and highlight your unique assets.  Some of these differentiating skills could include but are not limited to: proficiency in more than one language; experiences abroad; clubs and organizations relevant to the industry in which you are applying; special awards and achievements; jobs/internships outside of school and other extra-curricular activities.
  • Step 2 – First round interviews
  • Based on your qualifications, you may be selected for a first round interview in consideration for one of AIG’s Summer Internship or Full-Time Programs.  First-round interviews may take the format of a phone conversation or in-person meeting on your campus.  First rounds are typically 30 minutes in duration and are competency-based interviews that are designed to assess your interpersonal skills, long-term potential and leadership abilities.
  • Step 3 – Final round interviews
  • If you are successful in the first round interview process, you may be invited back to our offices for a final round of interviews.  The final round typically consists of two to three interviews and potentially assessment exercises, which will be geared towards a more specific business function, and will have more of a focus on your industry and technical knowledge.  Our goal is also to provide you with a solid understanding of our organization, culture, and the day-to-day work involved.  This is your opportunity to get all your questions answered so you can assess if AIG is the right place for you.
  • Step 4 – Offer considerations
  • After an assessment of all candidates we meet throughout the recruitment process, offer decisions are made.  Make sure that you feel confident with what you have taken away from the interview process so you can make an informed decision about the next step in your career.  If you receive an offer, a number of representatives will be available to further address any questions about AIG or the offer itself.  We strongly recommend speaking to other people who serve as valuable resources to you – career counselors on campus, friends, relatives, professors, contacts you may have who work in the industry – who can offer additional perspectives.  Take their insight and experiences into account and remember that the decision is ultimately yours to make, so carefully weigh your options.  We want to make sure you are as excited about the opportunity as we are about you and your future with AIG!

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