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  • thmb_OurStrategyCreating a Leaner, More Profitable and Focused Insurer On January 26, AIG’s Board of Directors and management announced a series of strategic actions, organizational changes, and operating improvements to create a leaner, more profitable and focused insurer.
  • thmb_SensingTheNextWaveSensing The Next Wave While the Internet of Things still holds many unknowns, an AIG survey found that twice as many people were optimistic about it than fearful. To learn more, AIG partnered with experts to produce a series of reports that explore how new opportunities can alter the landscape of risk across multiple industries.  

  • thmb_InnovativeTechnologyInnovative TechnologyInnovative technology, including the Internet of Things (IoT), is changing the world we live in. Realizing its potential starts with understanding the value it can bring. Watch this video to learn how AIG is using innovative technology to better serve our customers.
  • thmb_ManagingTheGrowingCyberThreatIsABoardLevelIssueManaging The Growing Cyber Threat is a Board Level IssueCyber threats are no longer just an IT risk. They now comprise an enterprise wide management issue. Is your board on board with managing the full spectrum of cyber risk?
  • thmb_AIGChinaPresidentAndCEOWinsLeadershipAwardAIG China President and CEO Wins Leadership Awards Check out AIG China President and CEO’s win of the 2015 Pioneering Leader in Financial Innovation award.

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