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Squeaky Clean Finances

As a warmer season peeks from beyond winter’s shadows, it’s time to pull back the curtains and shake off the dust. This year, take Spring cleaning to a whole new level and tidy up your finances with a few simple steps.
  1. Evaluate: Contact your credit, insurance and investment providers to see if you’re getting the best rates possible. Assess your life insurance needs based on any recent, major life events such as a new baby or home.
  2. Update: Review and update your policy beneficiaries and contact info.
  3. Automate: Stay on course by setting up auto withdrawals for credit and insurance payments and retirement contributions and savings.
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A Priceless Profession

Although their value is undeniable, many often question the need to insure stay-at-home parents in addition to the primary wage earner. Because these moms and dads don’t typically contribute to the household income, many struggle with placing a monetary value on this important job. Although in the event of their death, one obvious, additional expense for the surviving guardian would be child care. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, out-of-pocket costs for child care nearly doubled in the last quarter century. Let our skilled life insurance professionals help you calculate your coverage needs by submitting your info online or calling 888-543-3371.

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