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First Things First

Buying a home and moving your family can often feel like a full-time job. But before the dust settles, take the time to make sure your family is fully protected. Many people often overlook, or simply don’t understand, the importance of life insurance when purchasing a new home. Although you protect your home and property with homeowners insurance, have you thought about how your family would be impacted from the loss of a primary wage earner? Could they afford to stay in the home if you became disabled or were out of work because of a critical illness? Life insurance helps ensure your family can maintain the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to build for them. Learn more and get started online or call 888-543-3371.
No Time for Worry

No Time for Worry

The future is full of “what ifs,” but who has time to sit around worrying? Let us help protect you and your family with Quality of Life...Insurance (QoL) so you can have peace-of-mind and get back to living. QoL offers a death benefit similar to traditional life insurance policies but also provides the opportunity to access a portion of that life insurance benefit while you’re living should you suffer from a qualifying critical, chronic or terminal illness. The SelectChoice Accelerated Benefit Rider is included in all QoL policies at no additional cost and covers conditions such as a major heart attack, stroke, invasive cancer and more. Contact an agent to learn more. 

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