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Words Left Unspoken

This month, traditional expressions of love can be seen lining the shelves of stores. But you know that telling your loved ones how much you care goes beyond cards and tiny candy hearts, which is why we encourage you to look past Valentine’s Day and consider sending the message of selfless affection through the gift of life insurance. This promise to protect your family even in the event of death sends a message of ultimate devotion without even saying a word. Now we’ve made this gesture more affordable than ever with new, lower rates on our most popular term life insurance product, AG Select-a-Term®. Get a quote online or call 888-543-3371.
QoL Index Plus II

Life Lessons: Term vs. Permanent Life Insurance

Planning for the unforeseeable death of yourself or a family member is a tough conversation to navigate. The multitude of life insurance options can be overwhelming, but protection is essential. Term life insurance is typically the simplest form with coverage for a set period of time, a fixed death benefit amount, and no cash value at the end of the policy’s term. Permanent life insurance commonly provides a death benefit, as well as a buildup of cash value. Learn more about our newest permanent universal life insurance product, QoL Index Plus II, that offers stable protection plus the opportunity to grow cash value through indexing strategies while offering minimum interest rates and the ability to borrow from the policy while you’re living.

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