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Our Promise

At AIG’s Life Insurance Division, we know that our insurers sell promises—promises to our policy owners that we will protect their families from the unexpected, promises that we will help safeguard their hopes and dreams for the future, and promises to be there when our policy owners need us most. AIG’s member life insurers, including American General Life Insurance Company (AGL), and The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York (US Life), have been keeping promises to American families and businesses for more than 160 years; our origins date back to 1850. Over the past five years alone, member insurers have collectively paid out $38 billion in claims and benefits to our customers.

Our Ratings

American General Life Insurance Company and The United States Life Insurance Company in the City of New York have received strong financial strength ratings from independent ratings agencies, reflecting its financial stability and its ability to meet its obligations to its policy holders and others.

Financial Strength

Standard & Poor’sA+1Strong“An insurer rated ‘A’ has STRONG financial security characteristics, but is somewhat more likely to be affected by adverse business conditions than are insurers with higher ratings.”
Moody's Investors ServiceA21Good“Insurance companies rated ‘A’ offer GOOD financial security. However, elements may be present, which suggest a susceptibility to impairment some time in the future.”
A.M. Best CompanyA2Excellent“Assigned to companies that have, in our opinion, an EXCELLENT ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations.”
Fitch RatingsA+1Strong“Denote a low expectation of ceased or interrupted payments. They indicate STRONG capacity to meet policyholder and contract obligations. This capacity may, nonetheless, be more vulnerable to changes in circumstances or in economic conditions than is the case for higher ratings.”

1 Outlook stable
2 Outlook under review

Understanding financial strength ratings

Ratings are current as of 01/27/2016 and subject to change at any time. Standard & Poor’s 21 ratings are a measure of claims-paying ability and range from AAA (Extremely Strong) to R (Regulatory Action). Moody’s Investors Service’s 21 ratings are a measure of financial security and range from Aaa (Exceptional) to C (Extremely Poor). A.M. Best’s 15 ratings are a measure for claims-paying ability and range from A++ (Superior) to F (in Liquidation). Fitch Ratings’ 21 ratings are a measure of insurer financial strength and range from AAA (Exceptionally Strong) to C (Distressed). Only the fixed account protection features, income payments, and guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

Stocks and Financial Statements
These items are posted on the American International Group, Inc., corporate website.

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