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Cargo insurance covers the loss of or damage to the goods caused by the perils insured against in transit from a designated place to another. Policies are tailored to suit the individual customer's needs. Customized coverage can be location-specific or part of a global marine program.

Cargo Insurance covers loss and/or damage during the movement of cargo in international or domestic trades. Goods can be transported by sea, air or land. Policies and coverage are tailored to clients needs.

Air cargo insurance covers loss of, or damage to, cargo during transit by air.

This insurance covers loss of, or damage to, the subject-matter insured caused by any of the following during land transportation:

This insurance covers the parcel from registration to arrival, against all risks on physical loss or damage from any external cause. It protects businesses against potential financial losses they may suffer, following damage from an insured event such as fire, flood or theft to their physical assets.

Transportation insurance is essential for all large-scale infrastructure or construction projects. We understand your needs, and that’s why we have created a wide range of cargo insurance products specifically designed for worldwide coverage for transportation with optional coverage for consequential loss.

EMarine offers a unique internet-based solution for your cargo insurance needs. ("*" represent service)

Marine Open Policy covers the transportation by ocean marine, air, overland and/or parcel post on a yearly basis.("*" represent service)

We have a dedicated team of loss control professionals strategically located all over the world focused on delivering quality value-added services to our customers. Our engineers and specialists conduct on-site surveys, identify potential hazards, develop loss prevention guidelines and help customers implement loss control and quality improvement programs globally.("*" represent service)