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Last Mile Logistics

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Last Mile Logistics

Program Target Description: Insurance for the final transportation piece in a products supply chain. The program targets specific companies that specialize in delivering and/or installing home appliances, new furniture, or electronics for home delivery. 

Program Target:

  • Target Risks: Firms engaged in transportation and/or installation of appliances, new furniture, or electronics for home delivery.
  • Ineligible Risks: Long haul radius operations, Any transportation provider outside the target risk
  • Geographic: Nationwide

Why work with our program administrator:

  • Competitive & Comprehensive – The program provides large transportation motor carriers with a complete insurance program for both corporate and sponsored independent contractors/contract carriers.
  • Group Buying Power- gives program the ability to provide high limits at competitive premiums. The program also has individually issue Independent Contractor/Contract Carrier insurance policies. 
  • Available & Responsive – 18 Hour/ 6 day Operation, Policies & Endorsements  Issued in 30 days and all filings & drivers approved within 24 hours.
  • Experts in servicing this industry -  The program administrator provides a bi-lingual customer service center to help service  the specific needs of this industry. 
  • Loss control services that provide real value.he program administrator understands that client retention is important to you. They can provide all your clients with access to a large library of on-line training videos available for their employees and independent contractors.

Coverages & Limits Available: 

  • Admitted or Non-Admitted:  Admitted
  • General Liability - $1m per occurrence / $2m aggregate 
  • Commercial Auto - $1m combined single limit
  • Inland Marine & Property - Up to $10m of limits
  • Umbrella - Up to $10m of limits

Submission Requirements: 

  • Applications required (Acord  &  Program Specific Supplemental Application)
  • 4 Years of Loss History for all lines
  • Annual Financial Statement (Income & Balance Sheet)
  • Drivers List with MVR’s
  • Vehicle Schedule
  • 4 Year Historic Vehicle Count

Broker Requirements:

  • Program administrator appointment application, provided by PA.
  • Licensed Agent / Broker with current E&O limits of $1,000,000