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Accountants Professional

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Accountant Professional

Program Target Description: Accountants Professional Liability Insurance Program

Program Target:

  • Target Risks: CPAs and CPA owned Accounting Firms with annual revenues up $15 Million.
  • Ineligible Risks: Firms with Heavy Public Audit Exposure. 
  • Geographic: All states except Alaska, Kentucky, and Virginia.

Why work with our program administrator:

  • Longevity and Experience: Over 40 years of experience in meeting the insurance needs of different professionals.
  • Comprehensive Coverage Solutions and Robust Risk Management Program.
  • Competitive Rates.
  • Prompt and Efficient Policy Processing.

Coverages & Limits Available

  • Admitted
  • Professional Liability
    • Limits: $100,000 per occurrence /$200,000 aggregate up to $5M per occurrence / $5M aggregate
    • Deductible options up to $100,000; Loss Only and Aggregate Deductible Options available
    • Includes Network Security and Privacy Protection
    • Includes $25,000 of EPL Defense Coverage (EPLI available)

Submission Requirements:

  • Fully completed, signed, and dated program application and supplements
  • Other carrier applications and supplements may be accepted
  • Copy of applicants current declarations page
  • 5 year loss run when necessary

Broker Requirements:

  • Completed Broker Agreement
  • Licensed Agent / Broker with current E&O limits of $1,000,000