Bodily Injury Arising Out Of Defect In Product (United States)

Title: Bodily Injury Arising Out Of Defect In Product (United States) 
Injury: Bodily Injury 
Potential Liability*
(Above Attachment Amount) :$7,739,000 
Industry: Automobile 
Attachment: $ 1,000,000 
Limit: $ 10,000,000 
Liability Type: Product 

Description: The insured manufactures automobiles. An accident occurred involving the insured's product in which a driver lost control of the vehicle, the vehicle rolled, and the passenger was ejected through the sunroof. The passenger suffered bodily injury. It is alleged that the insured's seat belt was defective. 

*Calculations based on information in ISO Circulars General Liability Trend Data and Analysis and Commercial Automobile Trend Data and Analysis. An annual Excess Severity Trend of 7% was selected. Potential liability figure represents only the first layer of coverage above the primary. This data does not represent claims that exceed the lead excess casualty.