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By enrolling in one of VALIC’s voluntary advisory services programs – Guided Portfolio Services® (GPS) or Managed Investment Program®(MIP) – you can receive objective and actionable investment advice from industry experts, while also enjoying the convenience of having someone manage your assets for you.  The advice provides valuable answers to such important questions as how much to save for retirement, which funds to select, and how much to invest in each.  The asset management automatically implements your investment advice, then monitors and manages your account on an ongoing basis.

Asset Management Products and Services

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Guided Portfolio Services®
Guided Portfolio Services (GPS) is a fee-based program with two approaches to helping you achieve your retirement goals. One approach, GPS Portfolio Advisor, is for do-it-yourselfers. The other, GPS Portfolio Manager, is great for those who prefer to have someone else do it for them.
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Managed Investment Program®
Some people want help with managing investments outside their workplace retirement plan account. In our fee-based Managed Investment Program® (MIP), independent money managers design and manage your personal portfolio.
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